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Machine Gun Kelly opens up on Eminem feud and what it will take to end it

MGK reveals what it's going to take to bring the feud with Eminem to an end.

July 30, 2019
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As the ongoing feud between Machine Gun Kelly and Eminem continues, fans are wondering if we’ll ever see the ongoing beef come to an end.

Now, MGK reveals what it’s going to take to settle thing once and for all.

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The Cleveland rapper recently appeared on the latest episode of the Everyday Struggle podcast where he discussed his album Hotel Diablo, his acting work and more.

During the interview, MGK also discussed his ongoing feud with fellow rapper Eminem, offering a bit of insight into the pair’s underlying issue.

“The internet thing trying to muddy it,” MGK explains. “That was a little annoying because it was kinda like, we can’t be a generation that rides only because a person’s a legend and strictly goes off that factor.

“When we do something for our generation, step up and acknowledge what happened, hold it down. That was not something I was expecting to ever happen. I said what I said, I don’t give a fuck. That should be the narrative for anyone in our generation.”

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When asked if the two could reconcile and gain closure after the feud, MGK replied:

“Put us on a track, see who comes harder.”

Speaking about his diss track “Rap Devil,” MGK reveals that the track was recorded in a locker room immediately after hearing Eminem’s diss on his album Kamikaze.

“I just did that on the spot, hours after that shit released,” he says. “Like, fuck this motherfucker! Load the protools up. We loaded a picture of him and just rode the motherfucker.

“I did three verses, I called Cordae, played him the first three verses. He was like, ‘This Em, man, you gotta go off’. I was like, ‘I just went off!’ He was like, ‘Nah, just finish him!’ I put that fourth verse, and that fourth verse was the mean shit.”

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MGK recently released his fourth studio album Hotel Diablo with the track “FLOOR 13” taking aim at Em and his viral “Killshot” diss track.

“FLOOR 13” opens with the lyrics, “I just spent too many minutes watchin’ little videos of shitty wannabe rappers dissing me/I just spent the winter livin’ after someone tried to send a kill shot, missin’ me.”

In verse 2 of the track, MGK makes a play off of Em’s 2018 track, “Venom” which was made for the Marvel movie by the same name.

“I sold 40 million records, I ain’t even 30/Give me 20 seconds, I’ll list 10 movies that I been in/One legend that tried to fuck with me and got the venom.”

You can listen to the full track below.

To listen to the full podcast interview, check out the player below. You can stream MGK’s Hotel Diablo here.


Would you like to see Machine Gun Kelly and Eminem throw down on a track together? Sound off in the comments below!

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