The defenders of pop-punk might be coming back.

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If you recall, back in January of 2016, Man Overboard announced plans to go on hiatus. While they were calling it quits, the band’s guitarist, Justin Collier, assured fans that “nobody wants the band to end forever or break up forever.”

Well, it looks like the hiatus may be coming to an end.

Earlier this morning, fans noticed that a Facebook event was created, seemingly confirming that the band would be returning to the stage at the end of this year. On the page, it showed that the band would be playing a show on Dec. 1 with Seahaven set to take place in Philadelphia.

The event’s page was quickly deleted, but that hasn’t stopped fans from getting screenshots of the event, and let’s just say we are freaking out.

A LiveNation ticket link was also added on the page, but the ticket link has since been deleted.

The band has yet to confirm their return, but that hasn’t stopped fans from sharing their reactions:

Man Overboard formed back in 2008. Since then, they’ve released four full-length albums, multiple splits and EPs, and toured various regions of the world.

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