According to the Chicago Sun-Times, 29-year-old Ben Lenet was severely bitten by an unidentified attacker Friday night during Arctic Moneys’ set at Lollapalooza. Lenet initially took to Reddit in an attempt to identify his attacker:

“Me and two other friends are enjoying the show and have even made some friends around us. The mood of the crowd is really happy and a nice departure from the normal drunken debauchery. Suddenly, I turn around and some guy none of us have ever seen or spoken to, without warning, body slams my friend and begins using his hands to choke him. My other friend begins hitting the assailant in the face. I come from the other side and place my right arm on his right arm and my left arm on his right shoulder, trying to pull him off. The attacker then turns his head and clamps his teeth into my arm for a good 5 seconds. He’s not nipping at me. He’s trying to bite through my arm. At this point, all three of us are hitting him, trying to get him off me.”

With help from his friends, Lenet was eventually able to get away from the biter, who took “10-15 blows” to the head. “I don’t know of a UFC fighter who could’ve taken that punishment and just walked away,” Lenet told the Sun-Times

After receiving medical attention, Lenet was taken to St. Joseph Hospital and given a tetanus shot and antibiotics. Because of the nature of his bites, he is awaiting blood test results for Hepatitis and HIV.

According to the Sun-Times, police suspected the attacker could’ve been under the influence of bath salts or PCP. Lenet described the attacker as “between 5’7 and 5’11, dark skin (maybe Hispanic, but not black), 170-210 pounds.” Police had no suspect in custody as of Monday night.

Lenet has also posted many graphic photos of his wound.