[Photo by: Black Gryph0n/YouTube]

In one of the more interesting videos we've seen today, one guy covered songs from 23 different vocalists, ranging from Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong to Ed Sheeran. Not only does he impersonate the voices, though.

He also switches outfits for each voice he takes on, and it's an interesting combination that has left us with plenty of thoughts.

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His decision to span genres, including such artists as Eminem, the Weeknd, Bon Jovi and even Kermit The Frog is truly an impressive one, we'll be honest.

However, after watching, we do have a few thoughts based on his covers of scene favorite vocalists:

Where did you get that Billie Joe outfit? (Oh, and the eyeliner is a nice touch)
What photo did you base that Tyler Joseph outfit off of? We're just curious.
Those Patrick Stump glasses are spot on.
We love Brendon Urie, and Brendon Urie is truly the only one who can pull of Brendon Urie's vocals… (Yes, we did say Brendon Urie three times in one sentence.)

Watch the video below to make your own decision on this guy’s vocal impressions:

We give him mad props for attempting to pull off so many vocal styles. We do think that Oli Sykes impersonation might need a bit of work though…

How do you think this guy holds up to the actual Brendon Urie? Sound off in the comments below!

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