With the release of a new Gallup poll, it's now possible to quantify that seemingly uniform desire of all pop-punk bands to get the hell out of their hometowns. According to the poll, if your home state is Illinois (we see you, Fall Out Boy and Real Friends), Connecticut or Maryland, there’s a good chance you want/wanted to get the hell out of there. (About half of the people polled in those states wanted to leave.)

New Jersey and New York both come up pretty high on the list as well—with around 40 percent of people polled in those states saying they would move if they could. That just might explain the massive wave of pop-punk bands that have come out of those states. On the other hand, people who live in Montana, Hawaii and Maine seem to love where they live—with only 23 percent of those residents polled saying they would move. You can’t think of any pop-punk bands from those states, can you? 

Check out the map below (the darker the green, the higher the desire to move.)