[Photos by: Matilda/TriStar Pictures, Stranger Things/Netflix]

Two of the coolest, boldest and most utterly incredible young characters in the entertainment world will forever be Matilda and Eleven—there’s no doubt about it. Both the Matilda and Stranger Things stars have incredible powers and are deserving of all the love in a magical, fictional universe.

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For whatever reason, Twitter decided to pit the two against each other—and Matilda actress Mara Wilson isn’t having it. (And neither are we.)

Let’s be real, if we were to combine two gals with telekinetic powers, they’d obviously have to BFFs, right?

“Matilda and Eleven would choose not to fight, and would instead become friends,” Wilson writes.

“I like to think that Matilda would be something of a mentor to Eleven, though if you look at the actual timeline Eleven is much older than Matilda.”

Which is true. Could you imagine two worlds combining for a Matilda + Stranger Things crossover of epic proportions? Timelines not considered, we happen to think they’d be BFFs using their powers for good.

And this response just made our hearts swell. 

Yep, we love this friendship already.

Think the two could exist in a world as BFFs? Let us know in the comments below!