Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson is no stranger to acting and it looks like the legendary shock rocker has found his next role.

Manson will appear in HBO series The New Pope which is the follow up to Pablo Sorrentino’s The Young Pope.

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According to Variety, it’s still unknown what exactly Manson’s role will be. His guest star role was announced at the same time as Sharon Stone’s involvement.

Based on the picture HBO shared, Manson’s character likely won’t fall far away from his public persona.

Filming for the series has apparently already wrapped up with its premiere expected at some point this year. Not much is known about the series aside from Jude Law reprising his role as Pope Pius XIII and John Malkovich also being set for a role as a pope. Sadly, we aren’t going to see Manson as a pope himself as the series will be following two popes.

Manson is apparently a big fan of the series so it’s only natural he will have a role.

If you’re doubting Manson’s ability to act either, look no further than his role as a white supremacist in Sons Of Anarchy. He played a pivotal role in the series’ seventh season as Ron Tully, a prison gang leader who had control over parts of the series’ main gang’s members.

Manson has also appeared in supernatural horror series Salem and has had roles in various film and TV projects throughout much of his career.

What do you think of Manson’s latest acting role? Let us know in the comments below.

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