UPDATE: Sunday, October 1 3:30pm EST

Marilyn Manson's tour has been put on “pause” following the accident at last night's NYC show where a large stage prop fell on top of Manson.

The full extent of his inuries has yet to be reported, but sources are claiming it to be a leg injury.

Bandmate Tyler Bates took to Instagram to confirm that the tour would be resuming at a later date.

Original Story: Saturday, September 30 11:15pm EST

Marilyn Manson was taken to the hospital after a stage prop fell on him during his cover of “Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)” at his New York City show tonight. This accident occurs just one day after Manson fell while attempting to step off the stage at the Pittsburgh show.

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About an hour into the show, a stage prop of two giant guns collapsed on Manson. According to sources at the show, it took several minutes to get him out from underneath the prop. The show was cancelled after the incident occured, and Manson was taken to the hospital on a stretcher. 

A rep for the frontman told Rolling Stone, “Manson suffered an injury towards the end of his NYC show. He is being treated at a local hospital.”

The incident occurs around the two minute mark in the video below.

Below you can see crew members quickly attempting to free Manson from beneath the prop.

No updates have been given on Manson's current condition. We will continue to update you as more information becomes available.