Shock-rocker and former AP cover star Marilyn Manson recently had some hash words for Hole singer Courtney Love. The two crossed paths at the premiere event for the new season of FX’s hit drama, Sons Of Anarchy.

Both Love and Manson are set to guest star on the final season of Sons Of Anarchy. Manson will be playing a white supremacist, and Love will be playing a schoolteacher.

Manson tweeted a picture of their meeting, with Love trying to shake his hand, and said, “This is what prison rape looks like in my nightmares.” C’mon now, Brian, seeing Courtney Love can’t be that bad. Check out his tweet below:

Love eventually responded to the “Beautiful People” singer on Twitter, saying, “Nice to see you haven't changed!”

Between Manson getting bomb threats and Love having her vocals isolated, you’d think the two have enough problems of their own already.

Watch Manson's video for “The Beautiful People”:

And watch Love’s latest video for “You Know My Name”: