In a new interview, Marilyn Manson was asked about Rose McGowan’s recent allegations against Harvey Weinstein, and in reply, Manson proceeded to share some troubling thoughts on the #MeToo movement.

“I just don’t want to see this turn Hollywood into something that takes away from films being made,” Manson says.

“That’s not to disrespect those people that are saying the allegations. I just think that if you have something to say, you should say it to the police, not to the press and handle it that way first and foremost. That’s what I would do.”

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The #MeToo movement has outed abusers across the entertainment industry, and Manson categorized allegations by those that are serious and those that are “not as serious.”

“There are always allegations, of course, but when someone starts complaining about something that happened that seems a little bit not as serious as sexual assault, I think that’s insulting to people who have been sexually assaulted,” Manson says.

An example?

“It pisses me off when someone says, ‘I got an inappropriate gift’ or something, that’s not the same as being harmed.” 

But he doesn't stop there.

“Maybe all men are bad or all men can’t do anything inappropriate,” Manson says. “It makes you feel you can't even say… or if I meet her [motions off camera] and if I look at her the wrong way, I'm going to be accused of something wrong.”

And as though the victims’ lives have not already been affected, Manson seems to believe it’s a “snowball effect” that “could really ruin a lot of people’s lives that don’t need to be ruined.”

Hear his cringe-worthy responses around the 31 minute mark below: