[Photo by: Nintendo of America/Twitter]

It's March 10, aka MAR10 Day, and Nintendo has a little something special in store for Google Maps users.

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If you've opened your Google Maps app today on your phone, then you may have noticed Nintendo's signature question mark box along the bottom navigation bar.

The video game company has teamed up with Maps to bring Mario along for your journey. If you tap the icon, your navigation arrow will be become Mario in his kart, leading you to your destination.

[Photo by: Google Maps]

Google is calling the augmentation “Mario Time,” and it obviously isn't a game (no distractions while driving people), but still super cool none the less. Plus, if you tap the question mark icon 100 times, you'll be rewarded with a “1-UP” sound.

Mario will be sticking around for one week from today, so road trip starts now!

Where will you be zooming off to with Mario this week? Let us know in the comments!

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