[Photo by: Hasbro/Nintendo]

Hasbro and Nintendo have once again teamed up to bring us Monopoly Gamer: Mario Kart Edition, as if Monopoly wasn't already frustrating enough. Two words – blue shells.

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In this version of the game, players control Mushroom Kingdom racers in an attempt to own various courses from the latest Mario Kart, such as Rainbow Road and Mario Kart Stadium.

Instead of Monopoly money, players collect and spend coins as they move around the board using dice. There is also the option to drop banana tokens to slow opponents down, and if you need an advantage, you can get power-ups from the Super Star space.

Plus, players in first place should always worry about getting hit with a blue shell. Of course.

Last, there's a super cool racing feature that is triggered when players pass Go. Players must 'race' to win a helpful Grand Prix card.

Mario Kart Edition follow-up to last year's Super Mario-themed Monopoly Gamer and is now available through GameStop. The game will be coming to other retailers in June, and you'll be able to buy other character racers like Donkey Kong, Rosalina, Shy Guy and Bowser this coming summer.

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