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Is Mark Hoppus‘ favorite pastime throwing shade at All Time Low?

It sure sounds like it, based on his tweets.

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The blink-182 bassist just appropriated the Olive Garden meme to say All Time Low rips off his band.

It’s one of the best jokes he’s ever made, and now we are thinking of compiling a list his greatest All Time Low jokes.

“I forced a bot to listen 1,000 hours of blink-182 songs and then asked it to write a blink-182 song of its own,” Hoppus wrote.

“It created All Time Low.”

The shade.

No, we didn’t make it up, here’s his tweet:

Here’s the original meme for comparison:

We also encourage you to take a look at the replies, because they’re good. Here are some examples:

Obviously, singer Alex Gaskarth didn’t let Hoppus have the last word.

Many fans were quoting one of Gaskarth’s old tweets in Hoppus’ replies, which would have been an understandable reaction to the shade.

However, the All Time Low frontman was way more restrained in his answer.

“Hello. Am bot,” he wrote, making us all laugh out loud.

We’re pretty sure Gaskarth and co. didn’t take it personal, since it’s not the first time Hoppus shades them for ripping off blink-182.

In addition to countless tweets in which he compares both bands, Hoppus appeared in All Time Low’s music video for “Weightless” stating that both them and Fall Out Boy rip off his band.

You can watch it again below to refresh your memory:

It’s probably all good and Hoppus means it in a good way.

ICYMI, All Time Low just released a summer-ready anthem, “Everything Is Fine,” after some heavy teasing on social media, and you can listen here.

And for your share of blink-182 related news, the band played a song for the first time during a show from their Las Vegas residency.

The band added “The Party Song” from 1999’s Enema of the State to the setlist for the first (and maybe last) time ever.

Why last, you ask?

“For us and for hardcore Blink fans, it was a cool song, [but it’s] a deep cut from an album that came out almost 20 years ago, so a lot of people just had no idea,” Hoppus tells the Las Vegas Weekly. “And first of all, it’s a hard song to play.”

“It’s super fast. There’s nowhere to breathe,” he continues. “We had to work long and hard at rehearsal so that I sing the majority of the line and Matt sings the end of the line, just long enough for me to take a break and start the next line.”

Watch the band play the song in full below—it’s probably the only chance you’ll get of hearing it live:

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