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Mark Hoppus on lockdown in El Paso hotel after reports of active shooter

Hoppus took to Twitter to live-tweet the incident.

August 3, 2019
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UPDATE: August 3, 2019 @ 4:10 p.m.

Mark Hoppus has provided an update on their hotel lockdown.

“update: police confirm report of a separate incident at bassett mall is incorrect. we are still in our hotel. federal agent at the door to the building.”

 ORIGINAL STORY: August 3, 2019 @ 4:03 p.m.

Mark Hoppus appears to be locked down in his hotel in El Paso, Texas following reports of an active shooter. The blink-182 vocalist took to Twitter to live-tweet the incident.

You can view the tweets below.

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According to CNN, El Paso Police were called to the area of Cielo Vista Mall this afternoon after reports of an active shooter.

Multiple businesses within a 3-mile radius were reportedly placed on lockdown after police received reports of multiple shooters in the area.

Hoppus took to Twitter to reveal their hotel had also been locked down.

“we are locked down in our hotel in el paso. over the intercom system they just announced that there are reports of another active shooter directly across the street at a location different from the first shootings.”

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The blink-182 vocalist adds, “we were leaving breakfast when our security texted that there was an active shooter at the mall we were headed to. saw dozens of police cars on the freeway and surface streets. helicopters. we got back to the hotel and turned on the news to see what was happening. then the intercom said there are reports of another shooting across the street at the bassett place mall. i don’t see or hear police or helicopters so hopefully it’s just an over abundance of caution and someone got the malls confused. so terrible.”

Mayor Dee Margo revealed to CNN that three suspects are now in custody.

El Paso Police Sgt. Enrique Castillo stated during a press briefing that multiple people have been killed. At least 22 more have reportedly been transported to a nearby hospital with injuries ranging from severe to non-life threatening.

Police state they are searching multiple scenes where the shooting reportedly took place, but Castillo says there is no imminent threat to the community.

We’ll continue to update this story as more information is released.

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