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[Photos by: Mark Hoppus/Simple Creatures, iDKHOW/Jonathan Weiner, My Chemical Romance]

In a recent Instagram Live with All Time Low’s Alex Gaskarth, Mark Hoppus revealed that he is apparently out to destroy everyone’s bands. While in the studio, the duo took a quick break to interact with the fans about the important things: Pokemon Go, his social media illiteracy and young lingo.

However, the most entertaining point of them all was Hoppus’ hilarious take on My Chemical Romance. In the video with his Simple Creatures counterpart, Hoppus jokingly says that, contrary to his efforts months ago, he is glad that MCR are done for.

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That said, a few minutes into the live, a fan asked whether or not he missed My Chemical Romance, to which he gave a very obvious satirical response:

“No. I’m just gonna say no, I’m glad they’re gone,” Hoppus says. “They had it coming. I’m sorry I had to break up their band. But somebody had to do it. Alex said it was my job and I’m more than happy to be the one.”

Of course, Hoppus is referencing a tweet he made back in 2013 one day after the official split.

It’s always going to be too soon, Mark, and you should know that by now.  

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Additionally, in the Instagram Live, Hoppus talked about taking Dallon Weekes’ band, I Don’t Know How But They Found Me. However, apparently Hoppus isn’t out to just destroy MCR—iDKHOW has it coming too.

“Yes of course I know Dallon Weekes,” Hoppus says. “I tried to him to play one of my basses but he likes his stupid orange bass, so you know what, go ahead, play your orange bass, Dallon Weekes.”

However, Gaskarth was quick to chime in with a hilarious quip.

“Now Mark is coming for your band, too,” he says.

“I’ll break up your band, I don’t care,” Hoppus continues.

In the past, Hoppus has made ridiculously unattainable goals regarding the state of MCR. That said, you can check out a few of the ambitious tweets he has made below.

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Additionally, it looks like Simple Creatures are teasing new music. During the Instagram Live, Hoppus left fans with a cryptic tease: “ZL.” Additionally, you can hear a few snippets of something new below.

Recently, the dynamic duo announced when you can see Simple Creatures perform live. You can check out the dates below and secure your tickets here.


03/28 — Los Angeles, CA @ Belasco Ballroom
03/29 — San Francisco, CA @ The Midway
03/31 — Philadelphia, PA @ Warehouse on Watts
04/01 — New York, NY @ Public Arts
04/03 — London, U.K. @ The Hangar

Simple Creatures also recently dropped their first music video for “Strange Love,” their second single ever. You can watch that below.

What do you think about Hoppus’ band-ruining banter? Sound off in the comments below.

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