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We may have just gotten an Avengers: Endgame trailer this morning, but we still want to know more about what’s going on.

Leave it to Jimmy Fallon to try and extract some information out of the actor who plays the Hulk, Mark Ruffalo, and take advantage of his checkered past when it comes to oversharing. Fallon hooked Ruffalo up to a lie detector, of all things, and did his best to make Ruffalo answer.

“Are you currently dressed like a tiny leprechaun?” Fallon asked as a “test” question. He then asked some “simple” Avengers questions.

“Is the Hulk really a shape-shifting alien known as a Skrull?” he continued, to which Ruffalo wailed “Jimmy, I can’t answer that!” He wasn’t in any physical pain, but the emotional turmoil was real, especially when Fallon turned up the heat and started asking about romantic plans for certain characters in the movie and whether they’re going to “get together.”

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Soon, he was hurling questions at Ruffalo as if the talk show segment was an interrogation as Ruffalo began begging him to stop—and Fallon being the sadist he apparently is kept peppering him with questions.

Fallon’s all about trying his best to sneak info out of his guests, and Ruffalo has been known in the past to spill the beans about Avengers spoilers. Back in 2017, during an interview with Good Morning America, he began chatting about Thor: Ragnarok, but the discussion then turned to Avengers: Infinity War. Ruffalo, kind guy as he is, blurted out “Wait until you see this next one. Everybody dies!”

Don Cheadle interrupted his exclamation with a pained “Dude…,” but Ruffalo kept rattling on.

“Not everybody,” he clarified, realizing he had committed a grave wrong. “Can we rewind that part?” As moviegoers can now attest, it looks like Ruffalo ended up giving out some massive spoilers back then, which Fallon definitely hoped to capitalize on during this silly segment.

And then there was the time when Ruffalo accidentally streamed a portion of audio from Thor: Ragnarok from the movie’s Los Angeles world premiere. He had attended the screening and left his Instagram Live feed running for some time, much to the surprise of viewers, who unintentionally got a sneak peek at the movie, if only through Instagram audio.

Luckily, this time Ruffalo didn’t break and ended up exiting the segment with a hilarious nod to the power of Thanos: a quick “snap” and disintegration trick as the fun gag drew to a close.

We may not have learned anything new about the movie, but we got a lot of laughs out of this particular skit. For some real Avengers info, you can check out the latest trailer that just dropped and get ready for the movie to hit theaters April 26.

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