[Photo by: The Fall – Music/Facebook]

Mark E. Smith, founder of the Fall, one of the most forward-thinking outfits in the history of punk/indie/underground music, passed away this morning (Wed, Jan 24) at his home. He was 60.

As leader of the Fall, he navigated the band through countless musical directions with a wry, caustic sense of humor and sarcasm that manifested itself in some of the most enduring songs of the British underground. Starting with the band's 1979 debut Live At The Witch Trials and ending with last years' New Facts Emerge, Smith—the only constant in the band's history—was the dictionary definition of “uncompromising,” creating a body of over 30 studio albums (and more live relases) that influenced countless musicians across generations and genres.

There were plans for the band to tour America late last summer but were postponed due to Smith's health concerns. Our condolences to Smith's family, friends and legion of fans. 

If you're new to the Fall, check out this 1981 clip of their signature song “Totally Wired” recorded live in NYC; “There's A Ghost In My House” from 1987, as well as “Fol de Rol” from 2017's New Facts Emerge. If you want to dig deeper, start with 1982's Hex Induction Hour, 1985's This Nation's Saving Grace, 1988's The Frenz Experiment and 1990's Extricate.