[Photo by: markhoppus/Instagram]

It looks like Mark Hoppus is having a lot of fun on his vacation to Iceland, visiting waterfalls and traveling the Golden Circle. That being said, Hoppus recently posted a chilling story from his trip off-roading into the Icelandic mountains.

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The blink-182 bassist was heading out on an excursion to go snowmobiling on a glacier when the group's off-road vehicle was forced to stop due to thin ice. When the driver pulled over to inspect the road, he pulled a crazy coincidental discovery from a sinkhole. Read the whole story for yourself below:

“Yesterday we took an off-road vehicle way up in the hills to snowmobile on a glacier. At one point we were forced to stop because the ice track road had been caved in by an underground river. There were three big sinkholes where the water underneath had melted through to the surface.

“Our driver was unsure we could cross the ice without breaking through. Tracks running to the sinkholes showed other vehicles had tried and met with great difficulty. Our driver and guide got out of the vehicle to inspect the thickness of the ice and the sinkholes. From a sinkhole In the middle of the Icelandic mountains, the driver pulled out this license plate.”

That's right! The license plate's numbers were 182. As in blink-182 if you didn't make the connection. So creepy!

What do you think of Mark Hoppus' insane Icelandic discovery? Do you think it was just a coincidence? Let us know in the comments!

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