Mark Hoppus revealed in a recent interview that he's already writing new music for blink-182. Check out an excerpt below:

“I'm sure these will all be Blink songs at the moment. I don't have any plans to write songs with anybody else right now. If I do, it'll be a collaboration or a one-off thing, but everything I'm writing right now is for Blink-182. It's really too early to tell. At the moment all I've got is a bunch of chord progressions and ideas. It's more me playing my guitar and coming up with little ideas and melodies. By the time it goes to Tom and Travis and we work on it as a band, who knows what it will sound like.”

blink released Neighborhoods in September 2011, their first album in eight years. They're one of the headliners of this year's Bamboozle festival in Asbury Park, New Jersey.