Mark Rose (of Spitalfield, InVogue Records) streams new album, ‘the Wild Type’

September 28, 2015
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Chicago's Mark Rose, former frontman for Victory pop-punks Spitalfield, is streaming his new solo record, the Wild TypeHis sophomore effort made its label debut via InVogue Records, also home to Being As An Ocean, Let It Happen, City Lights and Hawthorne Heights.

Rose wrote a message to fans on release day:

“A lot of love and life went into making this album. I cannot send enough gratitude to everyone who put in their talents and efforts. You guys help bring my stories and ideas to life and continually challenge me to be a better songwriter. Over the last 15 years, I've seen the music industry change time and time again around me. I can never quite figure it out. Not sure I ever will. However, the one thing that DOESN'T change is my love of writing and playing songs. I'm forever in debt to everyone who has supported me, and I'm so grateful for those who continue to believe in me. You are such a huge part of this and I appreciate you so much.”


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Written by Brian Kraus