POP by Foot Locker collab with Marvel and Tupac
[Photo by: Foot Locker]

Tupac‘s Estate has teamed up with Marvel’ Black Panther in a collab that none of us saw coming. This special clothing collection is pretty badass, and surprisingly, pretty affordable.

Check out the collab collection below!

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Tupac Shakur is known by many as one of the most iconic musical influences of our lifetime, so it only makes sense that Marvel would pair him with a movie that was considered a cultural phenomenon.

This nine-piece Black Panther and 2Pac collection will only be available at POP by Foot Locker and contains an assortment of shirts and hoodies that range in price from $25-$50.

“The intersection of music and Black Panther is such of vital part of that property” said SVP of Marvel Licensing, Paul Gitter. “So it is fantastic to co-brand with an influential artist like 2Pac on a new collection of Marvel apparel.”

“POP is a movement by Foot Locker to celebrate pop culture’s blurred lines and shared influences” Foot Locker’s website states. “We want to bring you closer to the culture so that you can be a part of it, grab hold of it, and shape it. Sneakers and apparel have never existed in isolation, so we’re bridging the gap and forming never before seen partnerships to create exclusive products.”

You can view the entire POP by Foot Locker collection, here.

Which piece from the 2Pac/Black Panther collection is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!