[Photo Credit: Jimmy Hubbard]

Mastodon are lighting up the online haters! The band took internet trolls to task in a recent interview promoting their new album, Emperor Of Sand.

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Speaking to Noisey, Mastodon guitarist Bill Kelliher (along with bassist Troy Sanders) told journalist Kim Kelly about their slow-burning success, their local Atlanta music scene and their disregard for keyboard warriors.

Kelliher spoke on the idea of fans assuming that Mastadon have “sold out.”

“It's funny when I read these comments on the internet of people saying we sold out by playing songs like 'Show Yourself.' Who the fuck are you? What do you mean we sold out? I'll play whatever music I want to play! I'll put out a goddamn pop record if I want to.”

He elaborated on the love-hate dynamic some Mastadon followers exhibit.

“There's people that follow the Mastodon Facebook page and then they talk shit. Are you just trying to be cool? I think of a pimply faced 14-year-old in his underpants sitting on his computer. Where's your band that you've had for 17 years? Where are your three-time Grammy loser certificates?”

Kelliher is, of course, referencing the three nominations Mastodon have received for Grammy Award for Best Metal (and/or Hard Rock) Performance.

Enough said!