It turns out Westeros and Essos must be quite the vacation spot as Mastodon vocalist / lead guitarist Brent Hinds revealed that he'll be making his second cameo in the upcoming seventh season of Game of Thrones.

Check out what he had to say about this second cameo below!

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The entire band cameoed on the classic HBO series back during season season five back in June of 2015, but we really shouldn't be surprised that Hinds is going back to the fictional world after what drummer Brann Dailor said about their original filming.

“It was such an incredible experience to be on set as extras for our collective favorite show Game Of Thrones and to be wildlings murdered and then brought back to life by White Walkers was beyond amazing,” shares Brann. “I watched my best friends Brent and Bill, murdered right in front of me as I myself was stabbed in the stomach and had my throat slit multiple times, and I didn't mind at all. It made me love being in Mastodon even more. We are more than privileged and honored to have been a part of one of the greatest stories ever told on film, and the catering wasn't bad either.”

Mastodon might simply be the biggest Game of Thrones fans ever as they've also contributed to the show's mixtape, Catch The Throne Vol. 2 with “White Walker.”

Hinds revealed the news that he'd be returning back to Game of Thrones while talking to Hatebreed vocalist Jamey Jasta on his podcast Jasta Show.

“I just came back from my second cameo on Game of Thrones. This time, I had my broken leg and they were like, ‘You’re doing the best zombie walk, we want you to come right towards the camera. I want you to drag this axe behind you.’ I’m like a reborn, come to life wildling turning into a White Walker,” explained the guitarist on the show.

It's an exciting time for both Game of Thrones fans and Mastodon fans as it was recently announced that season seven would begin on July 16, but if four more months seems just too long to wait, then Mastodon has you covered. Their seventh studio album, Emperor of Sand, will be released on Mar. 31.

Listen to the entire Jasta Show below and tell us who you'd wanta see cameo on Game of Thrones!