Matt Skiba And The Sekrets have revealed select details surrounding their sophomore studio album, Kuts, which is due out on June 1 via Superball Music. Check out the artwork and track listing below. Be sure to leave us a comment with your thoughts!

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“The writing style and entire approach to this new one was a stronger desire to do something fairly different from my other band,” ​says Skiba of Kuts. “We used sounds hugely influenced by early David Bowie stuff and took more chances. I knew that the playing of Hunter and Jarrod would bring entirely new elements to the songs that would help shape them in a huge way and influence ideas that I would never have thought of on my own. They did great stuff for the last record but had even more freedom on this one. It really shaped the way this record sounds.”

Singles, tour dates and more will be coming shortly.

Track listing:

1.  Lonely and Kold
2.  She Wolf
3.  Krazy
4.  She Said
5.  I Just Killed to Say I love You
6.  Way Bakk When
7.  Krashing
8.  Hemophiliak
9.  Never Believe
10.  Vienna