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Alkaline Trio frontman and blink-182 member Matt Skiba is opening up about the skin-care secrets that keep him looking young, revealing the details of his daily regimen in an intimate Instagram reply about his youthful appearance.

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Skiba's guide to skin care was shared by the musician in response to a fan's comment on his healthy-looking skin, the query prompting a complete skin-care disclosure from the Alk3 founder and latter-day blink-182 guitarist.

“Alba Botanicals pineapple enzyme Hawaiian facial scrub, drink lots of water, and get a lil sun,” Skiba says of his skin routine. “I just wash my face twice a day in the am and before bed and don't moisturize. That's just me tho.”

Skiba adds, “Oh, and a twice-weekly bath in the blood of virgins,” seemingly highlighting the importance of an apparent blood ritual in his quest for the best skin care. “I usually end up drinking it but that's just me,” he explains.

Would you try Matt Skiba's skin-care methods? Do you agree with his whole “don't moisturize” formula? Sound off in the comments below, and let us know if you have any other beauty tips for the fresh-faced musician.

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