BTS and Matty Healy
[Pictured L-R: Matty Healy/YouTube, BTS/YouTube]

The 1975‘s Matty Healy has taken to Twitter to post a rather interesting apology to K-Pop supergroup BTS. According to Healy, the bands are staying at the same hotel and just so happen to be in the rooms next to each other—which apparently required an apology on behalf of the 1975.

We have so many questions.

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Both the 1975 and BTS are currently touring the U.S. and evidently ended up being hotel neighbors yesterday, according to Healy.

“Hey @bts_bighit you’re in the hotel room next to me just wanted to say that the weed smell and the chicken in the corridor is 100% George and not me,” Healy writes on Twitter.

First step hotel neighbors, second step collab—right?

Fans had some pretty hilarious replies to the apology tweet as the collab requests quickly came pouring in.

The crossover episode we all need, really.

Would you like to see a collab between the 1975 and BTS? Sound off in the comments below!

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