Matty Healy
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The 1975’s Matty Healy has opened up about his disinterest in masculinity and how he got “slapped about” simply for being “slightly different”.

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In a recent interview with GQ, Healy discusses the idea of masculinity, and how it’s changed for men.

“Of course, masculinity’s changed, but maybe I’m fortunate or privileged to have not been that interested in it.”

Healy also goes on to reveal that while he doesn’t care much for masculinity, there were others that didn’t seem to share in his views.

“I did get slapped about a bit in Manchester for having long hair and looking like a poofta when I was a teenager, but who didn’t get stuff for being slightly different? It’s like I’ve never been interested in masculinity as an idea because I’ve never been fearful of it.”

When it comes down to why Healy has never really been fearful of the idea, he believes the credit may go to his father.

“Maybe it’s the duality of my dad being a working-class welder who graduated into being an actor and a more bohemian character. He was a working-class lad. I was witness to the masculinity and that role model in my life, but all his mates were gay and liberal and of colour. I’m lucky to have never really been a witness to that much prejudice.”

GQ states that Healy stopped himself several times during this point, apologizing.

“Sorry. Maybe I digress. I don’t know that much about masculinity and its traditions because I’m not that involved in it. I don’t know. Who cares? Do we really care that much?

But it seems that people do. This is what I mean. I’m sometimes a bit like, ‘Who cares?’ Then I realize loads of people care.”

In just a few short days The 1975 will be performing at this year’s BRIT Awards,and we couldn’t be more excited to see their performance!

The band took to Twitter to announce the news that they would hit the stage alongside George Ezra, Little Mix and Jorja Smith.

And of course, Matty Healy’s reaction was the exact same as ours.

“We’re humbled to be nominated for two BRIT Awards and are excited to be coming back to The O2 to perform on the night,” the band said in regards to the news. “It will be a brilliant show!”

The 1975 are currently nominated for Best British Group as well as Album Of The Year.

You can catch the 39th BRIT Awards on February 20. The show will be live streamed internationally and will be available for viewing, here.

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