Gerard Way, Matty Healy

MCR fan Matty Healy on collab potential: “I don’t see why not”

This is the collab we didn't know we needed.

November 14, 2019
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Earlier this year, the 1975 frontman Matty Healy detailed the band’s upcoming “sort of” emo album. While Healy doesn’t rule out a future collab with genre icons My Chemical Romance yet, he also doesn’t want to give up his title of ‘Emo Lord’ to Gerard Way.

“I’m not too happy about him coming back for his emo lord crown,” Healy jokes during an interview with Nick Grimshaw on Radio 1. “He’s gonna come back and try and claim it, isn’t he?”

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During the interview, Healy says he will be at MCR’s reunion show at the Shrine, even calling Gerard “emo grandad.”

This is all in good fun of course as Matty claims his love for MCR saying he “doesn’t think they would ever collab but I don’t see why not.”

Check out the interview clip below


More on My Chemical Romance

MCR revived on social media with cryptic messages on Halloween, which let’s be honest, should now be known as My Chemical Romance Day. The final message shared their return to stage at Los Angeles’ Shrine Expo Hall on Dec. 20, for the first time since their last show in May 2012. Tickets sold out within minutes of their release.

Rumors of MCR’s reunion has always been bountiful but until Frank Iero posted on Instagram saying, “it’s reported it’s going to rain in new jersey tomorrow, washing out all Halloween festivities. Guess we’re gonna have to find something else to do.”

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Fans immediately started to speculate as to what the post meant. Especially after Joe Jonas mentioned he supposedly heard MCR rehearsing in the studio next to them in New York. Although he did say, “anything is possible,” Frank denied these claims.

Throughout the week, MCR continued to add more show dates in Japan, Sydney, Melbourne and New Zealand. Additionally, they called upon Thursday to join the lineup for their show at the Shrine.

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As much as we would all love a My Chemical Romance and the 1975 collab, we should wait to see if MCR even has any plans on releasing new music. If they do, you can bet that will be the only thing we listen to for a long time.

Written by Adrian Leuthauser