A month after the 1975 confirmed the title of their highly anticipated third album, Music for Cars, Matty Healy talked about overcoming addiction along with revealing why he hates the indie music scene in a feature for The Times.

Check out why below.

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The entire interview took place in Healy's kitchen with the “unmistakable smell” of weed lingering in the air. Healy compares the scent inside his London home to “the inside of Bob Marley’s sock.” From there the conversation goes to Healy's childhood, along with talking about his mother's cocaine and alcohol addiction. His mother has now been clean since 2011, something Healy has begun to work on himself.

“But I don’t drink any more, or at least I don’t drink at home. And although I still smoke weed, I consider it a lesser of many evils,” said Healy.

Healy and the 1975 have always fought for causes that were important to them, such as their partnership with the It Gets Better Project. A special It Gets Better hoodie, themed around the 1975's song “Loving Someone,” was released in support of the partnership. According to their label Dirty Hit, the pride related merch will raise funds for the It Gets Better Project.

However, it's the apathy of the indie music scene that turns Healy off.

“Well, that whole ‘I don’t give a shit’ thing has never really gone far with me,” he says. “It’s why indie is my most hated [music] scene — a scene where you pretend you don’t care in order to not get judged on how bad you are as a musician. But times have moved on. I’m a privileged middle-class kid from Macclesfield. I can’t pretend to be what I’m not.”

What does Healy love? Fashion, however not exactly going to fashion shows. As the 1975's fame continue to rise, the more the media tends to notice when the frontman attends these high profile events.

“They make me realise I’m more famous than I think I am. It’s like, ‘Don’t take pics of me, I’m here to look at the bloody clothes!’ But I’m not sure how you’re going to write that without making me sound like a dickhead.”

The 1975 are currently wrapping up a North American tour with support from Pale Waves and Colouring. They'll be performing a sold out show at Madison Square Garden on June 1.