[Photo by: Mean Girls/Paramount Pictures]

Let's face it, despite the fact that Mean Girls came out over 10 years ago, it's still one of our favorite movies and a classic that rewatch to this day, which is why we're freaking out over Tina Fey's announcement that it'll be coming to Broadway.

Check out all the details below!

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Mean Girls writer and star Tina Fey made the announcement through a video on Facebook where she announced that she had “two very big, very exciting announcements.” One, she has GPS in her car. Congratulations Tina! But two, and most importantly, Mean Girls is coming to Broadway! This is real.. We're five months past April Fools.. This is actually a thing that's happening.

Not much is known yet, but we do know that previews will be coming on March 12, and that the musical will be directed by Casey Nicholaw, who also worked on Aladdin and The Book of Mormon, while it'll be composed by Tina Fey's husband, Jeff Richmond, who also composed 30 Rock and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, which were both created by Fey.

You can watch Fey's announcement video below!

Producer Lorne Michaels talked about the upcoming musical with New York Times, saying “There are lots of things you can do better in a musical … The characters are fuller.”

This starring cast includes Erika Henningsen as Cady Heron and Taylor Louderman as Regina George. Henningsen geeked out about the news being official on Twitter and we're so ready to see her portray Cady.

Even better, The Hollywood Reporter revealed that opening night for this amazing show will be on April 8. Let the countdown begin!

Now, we have a few questions we all need to ask ourselves before the first show. First, in the musical, when Ms. Norbury asks us to “raise your hand if you have ever been personally victimized by Regina George.” Are we all going to raise our hands?! Because we better!

Who's ready to experience Mean Girls live? Let us know in the comments how excited you are!