[Photo by: Mean Girls/Paramount Pictures]

Spectrum Collections has teamed up with Mean Girls  to create a Burn Book that is a must-have for all makeup lovers. This makeup brush kit will make you feel like one of the Plastics with their vegan and cruelty-free brushes. Check out where you can snag your very own Burn Book below!

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Spectrum's Mean Girls range contains a variety of options to choose from. You can purchase the high-end professional brushes and the Burn Book brush holder individually, or order them together as a kit. How fetch is that?

Here's the deets:

Full Size Burn Book 

Mean Girls Burn Book Full Size makeup brush kit by Spectrum

[Photo by: Spectrum Collections]

If Regina George has one, then we need one too. The large size Burn Book holds up to 40 makeup brushes with enough room for 18 large handle brushes, 10 medium handle brushes and 12 small handle brushes. While this option does NOT come with the brushes themselves, we have to admit we're still obsessed.

Medium Burn Book with Brushes

Spectrum Mean Girls medium sized makeup brush kit

[Photo by: Spectrum Collections]

SHUT UP. This medium-sized Burn Book comes with the 10 piece brush set, which is everything you need to make fetch happen. 

10 Piece Fetch Set

Spectrum Mean Girls Fetch brush set

[Photo by: Spectrum Collections]

Made from the highest quality synthetic hair, these brushes come in their own bag with a Burn Book zip that doubles as a removable key ring. Grool. 

As if everyone wouldn't be jealous of your makeup brushes already, the handle of every brush contains a different Mean Girls quote such as “she doesn't even go here” and “you can walk home bitches.”

You can purchase these and even more incredible brush kits from Spectrum's website.

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