AP 341 cover star Melanie Martinez has added a new brand to her awesomely unique image: Cry Baby Perfume Milk—named after the singer's debut album Cry Baby.

Martinez invented the perfume herself, saying to Billboard, “The idea for this perfume has been cultivating in my brain since the moment I finished writing my album.” Watch Martinez star in the perfume's commercial below!

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Even though the scent is called Perfume Milk, the product sprays on clear and is housed in a vintage-style baby bottle-shaped container—complete with a twist-off rubber top. A blend of “sugary and sweet scents,” such as burnt caramel and woods, the perfume possesses a “nostalgic and sweet” smell, according to Martinez and Billboard.

As if this perfume wasn't cool enough—it's the first to be directly distributed by a record label. Martinez's home Atlantic Records will offer the scent, available in the continental US and online here beginning Dec. 19 (but you can pre-order it now!). AP is excited to offer an exclusive sample available in the issue after Martinez's cover, available Dec. 1. More information will be available mid-November. 

“To be able to work with an artist like Melanie who has built such a loyal and passionate fan base is always the ultimate dream in artist development,” VP of Marketing for Atlantic Nina Webb says to Billboard. “Melanie's fans love and trust what she delivers, so we were excited to bring her vision to life.”

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