Meshuggah: “We’re not going to change and start doing clean vocals”

September 2, 2016
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Meshuggah are known for being relentlessly heavy, and even after 27 years of earth-shattering riffs, they have no plans to turn the volume down any time soon.

“We still feel there is so much we can do within this framework that we are,” drummer Tomas Haake told Metal Wani. “We're not completely free. We can't just do anything. We're not going to change and start doing clean vocals. It wouldn't work for us. We want to always continue on the path that we set out on.”

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He added, “Then again, it's impossible to say how we're going to feel about [this] kind of music in five or ten years from now. Right now, being like 27 years into our career, we still feel we're onto something we love. We still feel there is so much cool shit that can be done within this framework that is us.” (Translation via Metal Injection.)

The band will release their eighth studio album, The Violent Sleep Of Reason, Oct. 7 via Nuclear Blast. (Pre-orders are on sale now.) You can listen to the lead single, “Born In Dissonance,” below.

Written by Alternative Press Magazine