[Cat images via PNG Mart]

Are you a cat lover? Metalhead? Do you like coloring books? Well, if you said yes to all three: Hoo-boy, are you in luck! Musician and artist Alexandra Crockett is unleashing her Metal Cats Coloring Book on the world this summer!

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To be published by powerHouse Books for release this July, the Metal Cats Coloring Book is based on photos from the original Metal Cats book, which features myriad metal artists (Napalm Death, Cattle Decapitation, Municipal Waste, Exhumed, etc.) posing alongside their favorite feline friends.

Now, Crockett and illustrator Chuck Gonzales have taken that idea and expanded it into a cool coloring book for all you headbanging ailurophiles!

[Photo credit: Alexandra Crockett/Illustrations by Chuck Gonzales]

The new book includes 30 original drawings and, per a press release, is “fun for ages 1-666. Pull out your Crayolas and markers and help everyone look most evil by adding your own vibrant colors to these amazing and hilarious pairings.”

Pre-order the Metal Cats Coloring Book and get a closer look inside right here.

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