Last night, September 7, while at Swayze's on the Marietta, Georgia stop of their tour with Here Comes The Kraken, Adaliah and more, King Conquer drummer Chris Whited was reportedly attacked while moshing in the pit during Adaliah's set. After allegedly being knocked unconcious and kicked continually, Whited was eventually taken to the hospital where he was later released. The extent of his injuries are unknown. 

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A Lambgoat reader shared their firsthand account with the site: 

“King Conquer's drummer was knocked out at last nights show and kicked in the face repeatedly. Police and ambulance were involved and he was taken to the hospital. The police talked to the kid that did it and just let him go, and then proceeded to tell the touring package 'no wonder your friend got knocked out' when they were called out for doing nothing. This all happened at Swayzes Venue in Marietta, GA.”

Chris Whited has since posted his own, angry response regarding the situation:

“So I moshed last night for Adaliah' last song because it was their last day with us, and some pussy got butthurt and scooped me up from behind and slammed my face on the concrete (which knocked me out) then four other pussy ass f*ggots decided to kick me in the face while I was on the ground already knocked out, and then none of them would fight anyone one on one. And then they all lied to the cops about what happened. Long story short, I woke up in the hospital with no clue about anything that happened. Crazy, that's never happened to me before.”