[Photos by: Herring & Herring, @BigJXman/Twitter]

Idaho radio DJ Jeremi “Big J” Schlader wants to lose some weight. And, as a Metallica fan, he wants to lose 100 pounds by the time of the band's concert in Boise later this year. Now, the band members have accepted the DJ's challenge—and they've offered him an amazing reward if he succeeds.

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Schlader's currently 424 pounds, as reported by Metal Injection, and he posted about his weight-loss goal with the hashtag #MetallicaDiet. Imploring the band for incentive, he asked Metallica to grant him a radio interview on his station, 100.3 The X, if he achieved the 100-pound objective.

Unsurprisingly, the band members—who've always seemed very gracious—accepted Schlader's wager, even responding in their own video message posted to Twitter on Wednesday (see it below). “Big J, we wish you the very best of luck,” drummer Lars Ulrich says in the clip. “Become… a smaller J.”

Metallica's upcoming gig in Boise, as part of their ongoing WorldWired Tour, is on Wednesday, Nov. 28, at the Taco Bell Arena. If Schlader drops the weight, he'll get his wish for an on-air interview with all four band members.

Watch Schlader's video and the band's response below:

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