MGK announces watch collaboration with Neff

March 28, 2014
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Rapper Machine Gun Kelly, who’s recently collaborated with Sleeping With Sirens a few times, has announced a watch collaboration with Neff for a line of watches. (Austin Carlile of Of Mice & Men also has a Neff line.) “Neff had the balls to put their name with ours before we even put an album out, so it felt natural to continue that relationship,” says MGK.

On the design of the watches, MGK states: “The watch design is based off of our EST 19XX flag…the black flag is a symbol of our movement. a white flag indicates 'surrender' – our black flag represents the exact opposite. The watch just made sense…we need to let mutha fuckas know what time it is!!!”

You can heck out some photos of the watches and MGK below. The watches are on sale at Neff’s official web store.

Written by Matt Crane