Ultra Music Festival in Miami
[Photo by: Pexels]

It looks like the electro-leaning Ultra Music Festival will have to find new concert grounds for next year’s event, as the City Of Miami Commission has voted to evict the fest from its longtime location at Bayfront Park in Downtown Miami.

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According to the city government, the festival has grown too loud and chaotic for its urban surroundings, notes Digital Music News. This is despite the fact that the Ultra Music Festival has taken place at the same park for the last 18 years.

“That was a different Miami,” Commissioner Joe Carollo responds when confronted with the length of Ultra’s tenure. “The kind of music that Ultra plays is not the same as other venues where the music changes… It’s thump, thump, thump.”

And the troublesome “thump, thump, thump” isn’t just the loud music, the commission asserts. Other destructive elements include massive crowds drawn by the fest, as well as  drug and violence problems that go along with throng.

The sudden eviction comes after the city drafted a new five-year agreement between the fest and the Downtown Neighbors Alliance. Confoundingly, the proposed agreement was drafted by Carollo himself. He then voted to nix the fest.

Attempting to save the situation, city chairman Keon Hardemon suggested a one-year agreement with Ultra. This would allow the fest time to find another location. However, Commissioner Carollo was still opposed to the idea.

“We are naturally disappointed with the outcome of today’s Miami City Commission meeting,” the fest posted on Twitter. “We are still working with officials and the local residents on establishing a resolution.” Read the statement below:

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