Mick Jagger does not deny rumors that One Direction member will play him in Rolling Stones biopic

October 19, 2012
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[Image: Stereotude]

Here's one to make the Directioners cringe. Your beloved Harry Styles might just grow up to look like Mick Jagger. 

Now, it's the rock snobs' turn to do the cringing: The One Direction hearthrob's uncanny resemblence to the rock legend when he was a youngster has rumors abound that  the pop-star may play young Jagger in an upcoming Rolling Stones biopic. 

And so, the village cried, “Blasphemy!” Then, the sub-village where we keep the Directioners frowned, Googled the Rolling Stones, scoffed and tried to figure out what makes 69-year-old Jagger beautiful (see what I did there?).

Jagger isn't confirming the rumors, but he's also not denying them, Stereotude reported. Hmm. 

Check out their video of Mick giving shifty eyes, throwing his hands up and backing away when he's asked to address the rumor.

So, does Styles have the moves li-… I'm not even going to finish the Maroon 5 reference I was about to make. You get it. 

This all makes me wonder: Who do you think would play your favorite bands in a movie several years down the road?

Written by Cassie Whitt