mike shinoda, worlds on fire
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Linkin Park co-founder Mike Shinoda has debuted an anime-inspired music video for his 2018 Post Traumatic track “World’s On Fire.”

Check it out below!

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Shinoda unveiled the creative animated short via Crunchyroll.

“My music and anime have had a long history of crossing paths, from the fan videos edited over Linkin Park’s music, to our original video for ‘Breaking The Habit,’” Shinoda explains. “This new video for ‘World’s On Fire’ is a lighthearted video that focuses on a female protagonist as she learns to control her unique power.”

Shinoda adds, “I’ve never taken an animated project from beginning to end. This video, for ‘World’s On Fire,’ seemed to arrive in my head with a full story, setting, and characters all at once, and I couldn’t ignore it.”

You can check out the anime-inspired adventure below!

“World’s On Fire” lyrics:

Don’t think I need to say this
‘Cause you know what’s in my head
Fucked up is an understatement
Can’t wait for this year to end
It all fell apart / don’t know where to start
And everything moves so slow
I can’t get a break / it’s too much to take
But closing my eyes I know

When the world’s on fire / all I need is you
I don’t always think to say it but it’s true
When I just want to disappear
You’re the one that keeps me here
The world’s on fire / all I need is you

The riot’s on the horizon
We’re calling each other’s bluff
The smoke’s filling up the skies and
I say we should pack it up
Maybe the blaze / will take this away
To ash and to earth below
You tell me to breathe / that you still believe
And closing my eyes I know 

Shinoda is currently wrapping up the last leg of his Post Traumatic World Tour in Manila, Philippines and the Wired Festival in Nagoya, Japan. You can snag your tickets here.

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