[Photo by: Frank Maddocks]

Linkin Park's Mike Shinoda has just dropped a brand new solo track featuring blackbear called “About You”—check it out below. The tune is from the musician's upcoming new solo album, Post Traumatic, out June 15.

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“About You” premiered Thursday on Zane Lowe's World Record on Apple Music's Beats 1 radio. Here's what the solo artist and Linkin Park member tells Lowe about his knack for collaborating with musicians such as blackbear.

“Rewinding back to the last Linkin Park album, One More Light, we did a lot of collaborations on that album,” Shinoda says. “And it was the first time that we really dove into so many collaborations, which was a lot of fun for me.”

Shinoda also speaks with Lowe about the possibility of performing Linkin Park songs at his upcoming solo gigs, a tactic he initially dismissed but hints that he's now considering ways to present LP material in a fresh light.

“Originally, I was saying, like, no, I'm not going to do… that,” he says, “because I don't want to confuse people across the streams and then be like, ok, what is this? Is this supposed to be a Linkin Park show or Mike Shinoda show?”

The forthcoming Post Traumatic album follows Shinoda's previous singles “Crossing A Line” and “Nothing Makes Sense Anymore” as well as January's three-song Post Traumatic EP. Watch the “About You” video here:

What do you think of Shinoda's latest jam? Are you excited to hear the rest of Post Traumatic? Sound off in the comments.

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