[Photo by: Linkin Park/YouTube]

Following the release of his new solo EP, Post TraumaticMike Shinoda did Q&A with fans on Twitter and answered questions about the new songs, possible live shows and the future of Linkin Park.

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Shinoda explained he won't do interviews for the time being, but wanted to be able to talk directly to fans and answer their questions. 

The musician got many questions about the new tracks, including which one was the hardest to write. A fan also wondered about the song “Looking For An Answer,” which Shinoda played on the Chester Bennington tribute show.

Shinoda also addressed the future of Linkin Park without Chester Bennington, saying he and the other members have “every intention” of continuing with the band, but they don't have much figured out yet. “It'll take time,” he wrote.

Post Traumatic is Shinoda's first new music since the piano-led “Looking For An Answer” and features three heartfelt tracks. The musician shared a profound statement on the solo tracks, explaining how art is where he goes when he needs to “sort through the complexity and confusion of the road ahead.”

Watch the official visual for “Place To Start,” one of the songs off the EP, below:

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