[Photo by: milliebobbybrown/Instagram]

Millie Bobby Brown is only 14-years-old and has already achieved so many incredible things. Her newest accolade? Making Time's 100 list.

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“She may have been 12 in years, but her spirit and mind were timeless,” actor Aaron Paul said of Brown. “A wise woman was speaking from her cherubic face. It was like speaking to a future mentor with a perspective and groundedness that I could only have dreamed of at that age. Or at any age, if I’m honest.”

“She somehow understands the human experience as if she has lived it for a thousand years.”

The Stranger Things star is included among such names as Cardi B, Trevor Noah, Gal Gadot, Prince Harry, Meghan Markle and more.

As The Guardian shares, Time's list this year includes forty-five women—a record for the magazine—as well as 45 people under 40.

And as Time explains, the world’s most influential people is a “designation of individuals whose time, in our estimation, is now.”