“We are holding the record hostage and only the fans can set it freeeeeee…,” Mindless Self Indulgence vocalist Jimmy Urine warns us of the band's new Kickstarter campaign.

In an all-caps hostage-negotiation-style bargain, the band warns that without backing, “the record dies” and offers unique incentives to fund it, including:

  • A shirt from Lyn-Z's (worn) tour shirt collection
  • Steve Righ?'s guitar
  • A custom lithograph created, signed and numbered by Lyn-Z
  • A signed key from Jimmy's keyboard
  • Lyn-Z's bass
  • Jimmy's handwritten lyrics
  • A personalized Left Rights song
  • Your name in the liner-notes
  • Stage backdrops
  • Your name in the title of a song on the album (for $5,000+ “Album not included. You can clearly afford to buy that shit seperately.”)

If you need more incentive, the band has recruited many influential friends to coax your backing in the video below. It features appearances from: the members of MSI themselves, members of their families (Righ?'s daughter, Violet and wife, Lucinda; Jimmy's wife/former Morningwood frontwoman, Chantal Claret), Charlie Saxton (HBO's “Hung”), Scottish comic book writer and Korse actor in My Chemical Romance's Killjoys videos, Grant Morrison and wife Kristen, James Gunn, John Rivera, Rhys Fulber, Scott Warr, pornstar Joanna Angel, Serj Tankian and video director David “Yarvo” Yarovesky.

To back the project, the band requires $150,000 by December 24. At post time, fans have donated $31,154. Should they reach their goal, the album will be set to release on March 13, 2013.

Click here to back the project.