In honor of the 40th anniversary of the Misfits, Jerry Only’s custom Devastator Bass and custom spiked leather vest will now be on display as part of the permanent collection of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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About the induction, Only says, “Fame was not my intent. It was always the creation of something so unique that others would remain in awe of its design. I am proud to walk among icons who felt the same way. We changed the world!!! I am honored to have my Excalibur…’The Devastator’ and my ‘Fiend Battle Armor’ on display at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame… May we one day grace its halls and exhibit a full arsenal of our weapons of mass destruction. Search -n- Destroy!”

Both iconic pieces were designed by Only and used at both of the Original Misfits Reunion Shows in 2016. The bass is the first model ever made fro Louisville Slugger wood—the same used for MLB bats. 

“I’m also very proud that this is the first Devastator bass made from Louisville Slugger wood, which is an American institution,” says Only. “For every home run in major league baseball hit with a Louisville Slugger bat, I don’t think any one ever hit a home run bigger than I did in Denver and Chicago with this bass. It may be the concert of the millennium. The reaction from our devoted fans, the fiends, was unparalleled and their blood lust is for more.” 

The Misfits' artifacts are specifically displayed in the Hall Of Fame’s Blank Generation: New York/London/Los Angeles case in their Cities and Sounds exhibit. This exhibit focuses on the music scenes in various cities (Detroit/Motown, Memphis/Sun Records, etc.). The Blank Generation covers the birth and enduring legacy of punk and new wave.

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