Misfits tease NYC reunion show

January 27, 2018
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Misfits have recently teased a New York City gig via Live Nation, following their sole 2017 reunion show in L.A.

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Live Nation NYC posted the classic Misfits logo to their social media pages with the hashtag #ALLHELLSGONNABREAKLOOSE, and we can't be more excited.

No specific details have been revealed yet as far as venue or date, but East Coast fans are anxious and ready nevertheless:

This would be the horror-punk band's first East Coast show since their reunion in 2016 at the Riot Fest in Chicago and Denver.

Though founding members Glenn Danzig and Jerry Only said they would only join longtime guitarist Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein as the Original Misfits this past December in L.A., we're hoping that the original lineup will continue on for the New York City reunion as well.

Just remember to leave your cell at home, since Misfits warned fans that they would be actually locking up phones when people get to the venue—not that it stopped anyone at their last gig.

Are you excited for Misfits to come to New York? Let us know in the comments!

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Written by Kaitlyn Ulrich