According to Movie Mistakes, fans have caught upwards of 23 mistakes in the blockbuster film Avengers: Infinity War. Despite the film having a $300 million dollar budget, it still managed to be one of the most mistake-filled films of the year, tied with Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and Ready Player One.

Most of the film’s mistakes are continuity issues. These issues can include a positioning error, or when a character goes through slight, yet nonsensical, appearance change.

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For example, about 23 minutes into the film, a user pointed out that the background of the scene changes.

“When Doctor Strange attempts to use the Time Stone on Ebony Maw, Maw ties up Doctor Strange telepathically and strangles him unconscious,” the user says. “Beside Doctor Strange is a police car and a motorbike tipped on its side. Maw then lifts the ground Doctor Strange is lying on, but the police car has been replaced by an SUV and the motorbike has disappeared. The shadows also change.”

Another example includes user oswal13 pointing out that a stain on Bruce’s shirt becomes something much more noticeable:

“In New York after Bruce tries to become Hulk, in one shot there’s a minor mudstain on his shirt, then the angle changes and it’s suddenly a massive brown splat.”

You can see the full list of mistakes, complete with pictures here.

Additionally, you can watch a YouTube video that points out even more funny slip-ups in Avengers: Infinity Wars below.

In other interesting Avengers news, earlier today it was reported that a fan of the series is holding Avengers: Endgame URLs for ransom. Twitter user @GuyInAChair currently holds the rights to both and However, the user is willing to give them up in exchange for Avengers: Endgame premier tickets.

Check out the trailer for the forthcoming film below.

Did you notice any mistakes in Avengers: Infinity War? Sound off in the comments below.