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In case you missed it, Monopoly for Millennials is a thing. The new game collects experiences instead of real estate and states that “Adulting is hard.”

Millennials, however, aren’t impressed with it.

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Hasbro’s new twist on Monopoly is supposed to focus on younger audiences. You know, people who are always on their phones, go to Starbucks every morning and can’t afford to buy a house because they eat too much avocado.

Think that is too stereotypical? It gets worse. Per Movie Web, the game’s box includes the following tagline: “Forget Real Estate. You Can’t Afford it Anyway.” On the back, there’s another important line: “Adulting is hard.” At least they got that one right.

Plus, the famous Monopoly character, Rich Uncle Pennybags, traded is wearing sunglasses while he takes a selfie and listen to music. Of course he has a coffee cup on his hand as well.

During the game, players don’t buy property anymore. To win, you must collect life experiences instead. Movie Web reports that some of the actions that give you a large number of points include rescuing animals and going on yoga retreats. Additional “experiences” include attending a 3-day music festival and going to a vegan bistro.

Understandably, some Millennials aren’t happy with the game. And, as one does these days, they took to Twitter to voice their complaints—I mean, where else would you do it?

Some are actually mad for the bad stereotyping 


But maybe it’s because they’re Millennials and, therefore, too close to the issue?

On the other hand, some have accepted their fate and are making fun of it

And, if it all goes wrong, blame baby boomers