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‘Monsters Inc.’ fans celebrate a total throwback with ‘2319 Day’

This gave us all the nostalgia.

February 3, 2019
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Die-hard Monsters Inc. fans know that Sunday was a special day thanks to a particular scene in the film, which is now 18 years old by the way.

Sunday’s date is Feb. 3. In the film, George Sanderson, an orange monster, kept getting things stuck to his fur. One dramatic scene in particular is when he goes into the human world and comes back with a child’s sock on his back.

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Well, if you carefully jog your memory, the code called out when this incident occurs is 23-19, or February 3, 2019. That makes Sunday officially 2319 day, everybody celebrate!

When the code is yelled out, George is swarmed by monsters in HAZMAT suits who shave him bald and totally humiliated him.

In case your memory isn’t that great, you can watch the whole scene for yourself below.

Monsters Inc. fans took to Twitter to celebrate the strange holiday.

Monsters Inc. came out in 2001 and since then we’ve been in love with Mike and Sully’s unusual friendship and their adorable relationship with Boo.

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Written by Alex Darus