[Photo by: Megan Thompson]

Moose Blood are back, announcing their new single, “Talk In Your Sleep.” What’s cool? The single won’t actually be released until next week.

But you can download the sheet music now and create your own interpretation of the song before it’s even released.

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“We will be releasing the first song from our upcoming new album in the coming weeks. The song is called ‘Talk in Your Sleep,’” the band write. “We wanted to make the sheet music for the melody and lyrics available before you hear the studio version of the song. 

“We would love to encourage people to pick up musical instruments and use their voices to create their own interpretations of the song before it's released. Music is such an incredible thing and how different people interpret music is something that has always fascinated us.”

If you want to take part, you can download a PDF of the sheet music and lyrics for the song here.

“We want to put this out there to encourage people to learn, embrace, interpret and enjoy music in their own way,” the band writes. “We look forward to sharing our version of the song with you all soon.”

The track, along with a “very important announcement,” is due out Monday, Dec. 4—and we couldn’t be more excited. (We’re also stoked to hear how everyone interprets the song before it’s even released!)

How excited are you for new music from Moose Blood? Let us know in the comments below!

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